We are in the market for a new refrigerator. The one we are using is well over a decade old and has been badly abused by four little people. I am not kidding. My mother-in-law has the same one, bought at the same time, and it is in pristine condition. Ours looks like it has gone to battle. Even the fruit and vegetable drawers have taken a beating. And recently the handle has been stripped down to the studs (I didn’t know refrigerator handles had studs but apparently they do!) My husband and I were planning on purchasing a new fridge as part of our kitchen remodel project that we have been talking about forever. Well it is time. I am hoping that the new and improved food storage unit has one feature (besides being extremely durable) ... I need to be able to keep magnets on it. I know, some people think magnets on a refrigerator aren’t very sophisticated. For me, I love to enter someone’s home and see who and what is important to them in their daily lives. Plus it is a great place to put all those quotes I am so fond of! Stainless steel models are notorious (or celebrated?) for not being able to hold a magnet to them. I will let you know if our new model remains a clean slate or becomes a vertical scrapbook.


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