This past summer at a preview party/press event
for the Danvers Historical Society design show Reflecting on Danvers History through Interior Design, I had a nice conversation with Coastal Home publisher Keith Lemerise. He liked the room I designed and I mentioned how I knew some designers that had recently been featured in his magazine (Nicole Yee was in the summer issue). Upon leaving, he gave me his card, so I began to follow this fairly new magazine on both Facebook and twitter.

One day, CH editor Lynn Felici-Gallant posted on Facebook that they were looking for some inspiring photos and design ideas for the upcoming fall issue.
I sent over a list of content ideas that I knew I had photos to (I always try to use my own photos on my blog) and guess what? Lynn looked over my ideas and then my blog, and chose an image from one of my posts to feature in the current issue!

I took the photo above (top right hand corner) on one of my trips to the Boston Design Center, in one of my favorite showrooms, JANUS et Cie. Read my “Must Do article in the online version of Coastal Home by clicking here. For my full post with photos from the JANUS et Cie showroom, click here.

And to subscribe to Coastal Home magazine,
click here.

Just another cool example of how easy it is
for social media to connect people with ideas –
and opportunities!


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