This week I attended an event that I look forward to every year. Twice a year in fact! It’s Texas Antique Week, and each and every October and April, thousands of dealers bring their wares to modest Texas towns like Warrenton, Round Best and Carmine, creating a stream of tents filled with antiques and collectibles. Rather than being a mere week, this occasion actually lasts for two, based on exactly where you focus your efforts. Swarmed with hungry shoppers, the location becomes the hottest location in the state, attracting thousands of people from all more than the country. Fortunately I don’t reside too far away!

As I prepared for my day trip to the festival, I went via my checklist–what to pack, what to look for, how to be ready for the Texas heat (yes, even in early October), and how to plan my day when time was restricted. Today I thought I’d share my suggestions and tricks for antique show purchasing.

There’s no 1 right way to do it, but there confident are some universal useful hints that make the expertise all the more enjoyable. And worth your time! So study on, then share your antique show stories by leaving a comment at the end of the post…

The Appeal of Antique Shows

With dealers filling on-line internet sites with amazing merchandise (such as eBay, Etsy and 1stdibs), why even bother going to an antique show that requires you to traipse by means of dusty fields whilst hauling your finds? Due to the fact there’s an remarkable amount of merchandise (each vintage and antique) in 1 location! Merchandise you can see in person, evaluate, touch, and image in your residence ahead of purchasing. Plus, there are excellent offers to be made! Under we see an image from my trek. This is Excess Field in Warrenton, exactly where dealers promoting chic industrial finds set up camp. It may possibly appear rough around the edges, but there are some pricey finds in this section of the show. My very first cease each year is Excess Field, which brings me to my very initial tip…

picture 8230 How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Industrial finds at a Texas antique show

Tip #1: Make a strategy for your day.

That’s proper–even if you don’t stick to it, have a basic thought of where you’ll be at essential occasions of the day. I took the morning and part of the afternoon off for my trip. Which signifies I nonetheless had to do some function when I returned residence for the evening. There was no time to dilly-dally. I knew that I would begin with Excess Field (shown above and beneath), devote no a lot more than an hour there, then head to the outer edges of the festival exactly where the exceptional bargains were waiting. If time, I would hit Carmine, TX to see the goods featured in that part of the show. I by no means created it to Carmine, so I was glad I began with the locations that interested me most!

picture 4581 How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Vintage loot at Excess Field in Warrenton, TX

Tip #2: Make a wish list.

Yes, before you begin buying, make a list (even a mental one) of what you’d really like to discover all through the course of the day. Believe about your interior. If your home functions Mid-Century modern day decor like the space beneath, you might be searching for tabletop decor to match in with the style, or perhaps more furnishings. Are there any surfaces or shelves that you’d like to fill with treasures? [the house of Andrea McArdle, featured on A Stunning Mess]

home featuring mid century modern furniture and decor How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Property featuring Mid-Century contemporary furnishings and decor

Are there distinct things you collect? Retro pitchers? A certain brand of vintage dishware? Canisters? Pieces of a particular color? At an antique show or festival, there is so much merchandise in a single location, you’re bound to come across some of your wish list finds! We’d enjoy to hit a festival with Sherri Bemis from the bands Eisley and Perma, whose impeccably curated shelving is pictured beneath in a property tour post from A Stunning Mess. She certainly has a unique style that’s all her own. When it comes to collecting vintage pieces, what’s your style?

collection of vintage kitchen and dining pieces How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Collection of vintage kitchen and dining pieces

Preparing for the Antique Show

Even when you’ve created a program for the day and you have your want list in hand, there are nevertheless some products to have a tendency to before you hit the open road (or in my case, the open fields)! Let’s speak about what to pack…

Tip #3: Pack a bag filled with water, snacks, and bags for hauling loot.

You will definitely require plenty of water, as properly as snacks. Yes, most festivals sell food and drinks. But if you’re like me and you find your self at the far end of the show in the middle of 90-degree climate, you won’t feel like leaving the shade of the merchandise tents and creating the trek to the food booths at 2:00 in the afternoon on one of the sunniest, hottest days of the fall season! I was glad to have some provisions in the bag I was toting! [from Magic Travel Weblog]

water and snacks for the trip ahead How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Water and snacks for the trip ahead

Tip #4: Wear comfortable shoes.

This one’s not optional, folks… Comfy footwear are a should, should, have to. In several cases, you’ll be walking through dusty, grassy fields, so you could even want to put on sneakers or other closed-toe footwear. My pick: Sketchers GOwalk footwear! With the appear of flats but the feel of sneakers, they’re a excellent way to be comfy and fashionable at the identical time. Also, and this goes without saying, don’t forget a hat and sunscreen! [from My Bits and Bleeps]

gowalk shoes from sketchers How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

GOwalk footwear from Sketchers

Navigating the Antique Show

You’ve created a strategy for the day, you have your want list, and you’re ready to begin the day! What now?!

Tip #5: Start off early.

The earlier it is, the less competitors you will have! And if it’s a hot time of the year, you’ll get in some great morning purchasing just before the worst of the heat kicks in. Not to mention, if you’re driving in from out of town, you’ll have significantly less targeted traffic to deal with. Fewer individuals around you means you get initial dibs on the day’s goods… [from The Brenham Residence]

a booth in round top texas How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

A booth in Round Leading, Texas

Tip #6: Obtain a map of the festival.

You require to know your way around. How else will you know exactly where to look for the distinct things you just have to uncover?! If they’re handing out maps for the festival, grab one. If you’re fortunate adequate to be navigating the show with somebody who has attended before, ask for his input. If you know what you’re hunting for, ask a person who appears like she knows where she’s headed! You could not be able to pinpoint that 1 booth providing that one vase you totally need to have, but a person is likely to remember a space that prominently displays specific things, such as the vintage letters shown below! [from Maine Seasons]

vintage letters at the brimfield antique show How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Vintage letters at the Brimfield Antique Show

Tip #7: Be prepared to stray from the fancy tents to discover a great deal.

If you’re at a fancy antique show, there’s nothing like air conditioned tents, beautifully displayed merchandise and cost-free beverages. Yes, at the very same antique festival I attended, my mom located herself in a cool, pristine tent where they had been passing out totally free margaritas! Who’s complaining?! But usually we have to leave the loveliest spaces behind and be willing to dig a tiny if we truly want to locate the bargains. Below we see a shot of Excess Field in Warrenton. Doesn’t look fancy, appropriate?! Even so, this is 1 of the nicer places of the festival. Wonderful finds, folks!

picture 3710 How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Architectural finds at a Texas antique show

So to uncover the products I was soon after (and for a super affordable value), I at some point left Excess Field behind and made my way to the outer edge of the Warrenton festival. Some may well contact it “no man’s land.” For me, it’s paradise! Fewer crowds, better bargains…

picture 2711 How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Texas Antique Week in Warrenton, TX

There was nevertheless shade below the tents, incredible merchandise, and fabulous bargains! Let’s just say I walked away with 5 beautiful pieces that will be prominently displayed in my house. And I spent no more than $30. I’ll share the finds with you at the end of the post!

picture 2482 How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Buying for antiques and collectibles in Warrenton, TX

The Ins and Outs of Vintage Decor Purchasing

How do you know when you’ve found an remarkable item that you just can’t live without having?! Some get in touch with it a gut feeling. Other folks describe the sensation of placing the piece down, walking away, then knowing they can’t live without it! Yes, we’re just talking about stuff right here, but when you’re traipsing around in the elements and it’s been an hour considering that you’ve spotted something worthwhile, anything primal occurs when you spot your subsequent find! [from Apartment Therapy]

colorful buckets at the brimfield antique show How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Colorful buckets at the Brimfield Antique Show

Tip #8: Meticulously examine an item before purchasing it.

Prior to you hand more than your cash, take a very good appear at the item you’re about to acquire. A really very good look. Check for cracks, dings and other irregularities. Does this imply you won’t acquire the item? Perhaps not! I have several ’80s Deco vases in my home that are far from ideal. But I know that it’s unlikely I’ll discover other folks like them, so it’s worth it to me to snag them. But if we’re speaking glassware patterns, chances are you won’t want to sip out of a cup with a sharp edge, specifically when 3 tents more than, they’re selling the very same cup in pristine situation. Which brings me to my next tip…

vintage glassware at the brimfield antique festival How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Vintage glassware at the Brimfield Antique Festival

Tip #9: Know how to bargain.

A great deal is hard to find. But not that tough. Initial of all, if the item is damaged in any way, you ought to always ask if the dealer can give you a discount. In addition, I generally ask “What is your ideal price?” prior to I open my wallet. Some people are more bold and brazen, freely supplying phrases like “I’ll give you $5.” Whatever operates for you. I employed to be an antique dealer, and I know how considerably function goes into hauling, cleaning and displaying merchandise, so I phrase my bargaining queries accordingly. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with becoming much more direct. Constantly ask–just realize that if the value isn’t as low as you like, there’s probably a reason! [from Our State North Carolina]

beautifully stocked antique festival booth How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Beautifully stocked antique festival booth

Tip #10: Keep late.

At the finish of the day, vendors are a lot more likely to make you a great deal. Perhaps they’re prepared to pack up. Maybe they haven’t sold as much as they like. Maybe they’re in a excellent mood considering that their function is nearly carried out! Whatever the cause, some of the greatest bargains are created at the finish of the day, or the end of the festival. For a two week festival, it might pay off to attend close to the end of the second week. I after attended Texas Antique Week on the really last day. I can’t tell you the number of 50% off tables I encountered. Gotta adore it! [from The Holland Blog]

glass bottles on an antique show table How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Glass bottles on an antique show table

So how did I fare on my journey? I discovered one ’80s Deco vase, 1 modest lead crystal bowl, a single beautiful quartz mineral sample, and a pair of hand painted brass and porcelain vases from Holland. Yes, all for $30 total. Verify it out:

picture 7333 How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Vintage finds from Texas Antique Week

The road to residence was filled with air conditioning, bottled water, pleased memories, and dreamy thoughts of exactly where to put my new finds!

picture 7503 How To Shop For Vintage Decor At An Antique Show interior design 2

Headed home soon after a long day of antiquing

I’d really like to hear about your antique show experiences! If you have any ideas or wonderful stories, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Satisfied purchasing!

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