picture 8154 The Stendig Calendar, 2014 Edition amazing ideas

If it’s not too early to start off considering about 2014, it may possibly only be since the Stendig Calendar lies in waiting, a fresh new year’s worth of days in tow. Massimo Vignelli’s 1966 style for the now-defunct furniture organization Stendig (we feel it could be time for a Vignelli Calendar name alter) remains as arresting in our digital age as it was when it was unveiled nearly 5 decades ago—owing to its restrained, just-the-facts design and, foremost, to its scale. Though Vignelli developed a smaller sized version for those with no the luxury of wall space, it’s his outsized (3ࡪ feet) calendar that elevated a simple grid of black and white numbers to ageless art piece—and inspiring beginning point to every new year.

awblog The Stendig Calendar, 2014 Edition amazing ideas

Photos: Arango Russet and Empire


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