pablo clamp fs task lamp walnut Less & A Lot More: Pablo’s Super Slim Clamp Light amazing ideas If proponents of conservation need to have a poster child—both visually and technologically speaking—they need to have appear no additional than the Pablo Clamp FS Task Lamp, the embodiment of designer Dana Cannam’s want to generate a lamp of “understated beauty and an uncompromising level of utility.” Which is to say, a job light that accomplishes all it requirements to inside the context of an impossibly tiny footprint.

Clamp’s elegant, sliver of a profile, comprised of 3 straightforward hardwood components, is only element of the formula its energy efficient LED light supply, along with adjustable features—designed to maximize the reach, direction, and focus of its light output—seamlessly merge in an impressive form+function statement.

The clamps (which ship flat-packed) and optional freestanding base add up to a process light that’s flexible and transportable with a modest environmental impact. And for the subsequent couple of days only, till October 24, the Pablo Clamp FS Task Lamp, along with all Pablo lighting, is on sale at a 15% discount. Can you picture obtaining more for much less?
pdp clamp js notext Less & A Lot More: Pablo’s Super Slim Clamp Light amazing ideas

Images: Pablo


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