screen shot at am The Cube By Spark Modern materials

Spark Contemporary Fires announces a dynamic new outside fire element referred to as The Cube.  As its name implies, The Cube has a modern box-like shape which makes it a striking modern function and a focal point in any outside environment. When not in use The Cube projects as an art object worthy of illumination.  When in use, the Cube’s flame creates its own light and warmth.

The Cube is accessible in stainless or powder coated red, and is 34.5” square X 28.5” tall. It can be ordered for all-natural gas or propane and comes with a cover to protect the firebox from the elements when not in use.  Possibilities contain security screen and mat plus 4 options of decorative fire objects – black glass, clear glass, little basalt stones or lava rock.  “The Cube is really a special fire element that infuses outside living with modern design”, says Tom Healy, co-founder of Spark. “Form and function share equal components in this sculptural play.”

screen shot at am The Cube By Spark Modern materials
pixel The Cube By Spark Modern materials


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